What is SlackOff and why would I need it?

Have you ever wanted to step away from your computer and not have your boss wonder where you are or what you are doing? Whether it's for an extended coffee break or a day off at the beach, SlackOff keeps your Slack status active and online while no one suspects a thing.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, SlackOff connects to your Slack account and keeps your account in an active state. It's not a Slack bot. It's a real Slack app running on our servers, meaning neither your boss nor your Slack administrator can tell the difference between SlackOff and a real Slack app running on your phone or computer.

Will my coworkers or boss know that I'm using SlackOff?

No, SlackOff is competely invisible to members of your Slack team. It runs in the background on our servers and acts just like a real Slack app. While SlackOff is active, you will still continue to receive incoming messages from Slack on your other devices.

What do the paid plans offer over the free one?

The free plan is limited to one Slack team and will keep you active 24/7. If you're a member of more than one Slack team or want to set up a schedule of when you want your status to be active, you should sign up for the Pro plan. Try out the 7 day free trial if you're not sure!

Is it safe? Can you see my username and password?

All data is encrypted by SSL/TLS encryption and at no point do we store your Slack username or password. When you sign up, we ask you to obtain an API Token from the main Slack website, which you paste into the SlackOff team settings page. This is the safest way for SlackOff to connect to your Slack team without ever giving us your actual Slack password. It's safe, secure, and recommended by Slack.

Join SlackOff Today



Never pay us a dime
  • Always active
  • One team


$1.99 / mo

Renews automatically
  • Set your own schedule
  • Unlimited teams
  • Priority email support

Pro (Lifetime)


One-time payment
  • Set your own schedule
  • Unlimited teams
  • Priority email support